Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year Desolutions

Every New Year’s Resolutions last determinedly and passionately for 365 .... seconds of January 1st. Then ‘the second cup of coffee won’t hurt’ and the ‘I’ll diet tomorrow’ starts!

Because as everyone knows – resolutions are meant to be broken. It’s the great Universal Resolution Rule. Not my fault. Not your fault. Not the diet’s fault.

So, this year, I’m going to make the De-Resolutions. On the assumption that I’m going to break them. Let’s start with that. Ya, oh ya – this is gonna so work!

  1. I am going to follow a crash diet! I will eat everything I want to, whenever I want to which will send my weighing scale crashing through the floor. (Already do this, but it’s so nice to make it legal!) I am going to aim to fit back into my maternity clothes! Yay Yay! Even better! I am going to throw out those old 26 inch waist jeans because I’ll never fit into them again but I’m going to aim for a 40 inch waist. Loverly!
  2. I will exercise with a vengeance. I will exercise my jaws and yap away with my favourite buddies. I will exercise my remote control finger. Haven’t watched TV in ages! I must start again! I will exercise my vocal chords and command Neel and Niks to go get me things instead of getting off my fat butt and getting them myself. Loving this year already!
  3. I will organize my life... next year. This year, I will live in the chaos I so love. So I will continue to lose cheques, not pay bills, lose the most important documents I kept in a very safe place and not find anything which is most critical... (like my marriage cert.... which  of course may mean that the kids aren’t legit!)
  4. I will NOT learn to cook!
  5. I will NOT be nice to all the lousy people who were mean to me.
  6. I will NOT act my age! I will not behave like a mom of 2 should!
  7. I will not get tech-savvy or PR savvy!
  8. I will NOT join a gym, cut my hair, change my wardrobe and transform into a goddess.

Ha! Done! That was so easy! Now, check with me a few minutes, seconds, days into 2013, and let’s see how far this takes me. I should pretty much have my life in order don’t you think? Going by the slimy back-biting nature of resolutions and their ability to turn right around, these should turn my life organized, get me into super shape, and make me into a super mom super cook in no time at all. Waiting... and Happy New Year to you too!


  1. Oh Jane.. I'm going to be grinning away so hard whenever I meet you the next time :D. These are fabulous, I must go write down my very serious desolutions somewhere soon - oh yes in my organizer - that I MUST read everyday.

    1. Haha. Please notice my waist size the next time we meet!

  2. My list is the same.... and I only wish I was there with you to live the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    1. What's stopping you? Come on over

  3. Hahaha :D Always a fun read you.. Hope your desolutions plans succeed