Saturday, June 1, 2013

No, I can't say No

No…is the most difficult word in the dictionary for me.

Happy voice: ‘Wow, it’s been ages since we met! I’m dropping in to Bangalore. Will you pick me up from the airport at 10 in the night?’

Me: ‘aaah… well… er…’

Happy voice: ‘Thanks so much. Knew I could count on you.’

- - -

Arbit person I meet at a neighbour’s: ‘You haven’t got Tupperware? You MUST buy Tupperware. I’ll come over tomorrow morning with some must-have pieces.’

Me: ‘I really don’t need any…’

Arbit person: ‘You just have to see them and you’ll want them all.’

Me: ‘Oh of course!’

- - - -

Nice client: ‘Hey, sorry to catch you on a Saturday night. But I really need this by tomorrow morning urgently.’

Me: ‘But it’s Saturday night….’

Nice client: ‘I know. Shame to spoil it for you. So tomorrow morning, ok? Thanks so much!’

- - -

So, of course, it came as a major surprise to me, when my kids came around.

‘Mama, can we eat jam biscuits now?’


‘Can we paint on the walls?’


‘Can we ...’


‘Don’t you know to say anything but No?’