Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tooth Fairy-Tales

Kids are not kids any more. They are growing up in such a huge hurry.
Neel, at 5 ½ , came up with a shaky tooth. (but isn’t that supposed to happen after 7 ?)
That’s cuuuuuuute !
Then he showed us a big-boy tooth already growing.
Yikes, now that’s scarrrrrrrry !

Off to the dentist.
This is what it cost us :
A chocolate bribe, an icecream sundae after, a sick father burning with fever walking over to the sweet shop, a toy, a special tooth box from his friend Navya, a few more chocs from the neighbourhing mummy, another toy….

Neel was very brave about the dentist pulling out his tooth. And super thrilled about the tooth fairy taking his baby tooth away from under his pillow at night.

The next morning, Neel came running up so excited. “Mama, I tried to stay awake to see the tooth fairy, but I didn’t – but I think I heard the fairy’s stars twinkling.”

No, my little boy, with a big-boy tooth – that was just the twinkle in your eyes, I thought. Aah, the wonder, the innocence and the excitement of kid-hood !

Kids, after all, are still kids. They’ve a long way to go before the cynicism of adulthood sets in. (At least till the day Neel discovers what ‘fairy’ also means).

Part II – The next afternoon, Neel and Niks were rolling, fighting and playing rough, as only little boys can. Another yelp from Neel. His 2-year-old brother had bashed out ANOTHER tooth.
Help - here we go again !