Friday, February 27, 2009

To the real hero of Slumdog M

And the Oscar kept going to Slumdog Millionaire.

Everyone got what they wanted. Anil Kapoor got photographed with the gold nude in his hand. Freida Pinto got a Hollywood agent. Dev Patel got Freida Pinto. And they all lived happily ever after as “good friends”.

It’s got something for everyone. Westerners want to see the slums. My kid wants to see the dog. We all want to see a story where a poor boy gets rich and gets the girl… but hey, isn’t that what every other Hindi film is about? What’s so great about….

…and then Rahman goes up on stage. And I have no more Q. or A. Just a big lump in my throat. Is this the best movie ever made? I don’t know. Is this the best song he’s ever made? I don’t care. If a boy with not much in his pocket but big dreams in his eyes, can today stand up with an Oscar in his hand… then the story’s turned out right.

It’s easy for me to be funny, or cynical, or droll. But it takes a moment like this to make me proud. So proud.


  1. wont burst your bubble with my thoughts then. have blasted an n number of slumdog-based blogs :)

  2. no, burst away, kiddo! this was no comment on the film, just on the way i felt that moment.

  3. Incredible ...I tried many time to send my comment,and appears as error...what a pity!

    Regarding to your last topic Jane,about Slum dog....I heard from a person said is "pornographic" sarcastically talking,but I agree with you...though we people here in Southamerica co-habitated with terrible slums,infected with drugs,crime...and sickness...and we , countries that live with this,knows and understands very well that "triumphant"meaning of somebody coming from such a disastrous place,becoming rich.
    There's a Brazilian version for this film,called "City of Men"...

    Roxanne Duchini

  4. Jane....cannot agree more with u on this one. Hats off to Rahman for pulling it off..and thats what dreams are made of.

  5. Not this one. Too much written about it.

  6. like someone asked were there no beautiful women in india from 1946 (hope i got that right) to 1994? miss worlds, bookers n now d oscars would come to india with increasing regularity or so i said. all about economics, numbers.

  7. I think the cross-over will be complete when Driving Miss Daisy wins a Filmfare award.

    Different universes. You have to belong first to win. And so it came to pass.