Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Val Day, Mr Mutalik

Mutalik saying Love is imported from the West, and sending him pink panties (also imported from the West) must rate among the Valentine Day’s Funniest Evers. But the award goes to …

One Valentine’s Day, I met an old buddy with his new wife – you know the kind of shoulder-punching, bhutta-on-the-road-eating guy who makes a great friend.

“Don’t worry,” he’s saying, “I’ve told my wife about us.”
Us ? There was an “us” ? While I was eating pani puri (or bhutta) on the road, he was building us a family, kids, house with a garden and plumbing problems?
“She also knows about our break-up,” he added.
“errrr…. When did we break up? “ I had to ask. Was I too busy drinking roadside tea (ok ok bhutta) to notice we were breaking up?
Now, wife-status simpers. “Oh, you’re still in denial! He told me about your break-up, tantrums and final mental breakdown.”

After they left, I sat down to raise a Valentine’s Day toast to myself, to the grand romance and tragic end of a relationship I didn’t even know I’d had.

Learning : Eating kulfi (yes, yes, bhutta!) on the road is a culture imported from the West, and will therefore, lead to divorce and gastroenteritis.


  1. you are great,woman!!interesting sense of humor,and I loved your freedom of speech,speacially being from India!! congratulations.

  2. love your blog...and your take on everyday life! and since I know the husband well, i loved the one in which you call him "magnetic"...hahaha...and to think you write so freely, esp being from India ;)

  3. 'tis that mental breakdown that continues.....

  4. write more write more, argh, its been 3 whole days since you last posted !!!!

  5. ahem srini, i'm not the only insane one around, am i now?