Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Guns or Roses ?

A neighbour said she didn’t let her son touch a toy gun.
I came home to find Neel and Nikash shooting at each other, rolling over, playing dead, with hands plunged into gory imaginary blood wounds, and tongues grotesquely stuck out, eyes rolling. The toy guns, knives, ropes were OUT !

S came home to find his son surrounded by a PINK teaset, dolls and teddy bears. The dolls were OUT !

Out went Ben-10 and his aliens, OUT went the sharp toys kids under 3 “may swallow”, out went the rockets, gum, toy snakes, poisonous paints …

Meanwhile, in the last year, my sons have swallowed a bee, then a red crayon, jumped from a plain ole sofa and twisted an ankle, fallen off a SAFE rockinghorse and cracked a head, fallen off a child cycle and torn a ear ! One almost beheaded the other with an ABC book. I have come to the conclusion they can turn cotton balls into life-threatening missiles.

Learning : Children who play with guns don’t grow up into terrorists. 15 years back a kid who played with guns grew up into Abhinav Bindra, and won an Olympic Gold, or they turn into army cadets. It’s never what you put into their hands that shapes their life. It's what you put into their heads.


  1. Hmmm.. interesting thought. I have a long thought process on it, as it was getting to long to write, its going to be my next post.. so read . It will be up soon :).

  2. Well said! Totally agree. Guns don't kill people. People do. And they don't always need guns....or is that not what you were saying? :D


  3. Hi Jane - Archana introduced me to your blog...its quite funny & satirical...:) keep it going!

    Bindu (remember? - deepa, Hard Rock C!)

  4. i knew you could write... i'm impressed its so good. you say it so well and so simply (!) and you cant NOT be touched or SMILE !! I keep coming back for more so keep on updating regularly......

    and i want a signed book when it gets published.. i hope that's the plan !!! :-)

  5. I knew you could write ... i'm impressed its so so good ! you say it so well and so simply. one can't NOT be touched or smile!!

    I keep coming back for more so hope you update regularly !

    and i want a signed book when it get published ... i hope that's the plan ! :-)

  6. wow!!! just got 2 read all of these.... its simply superb and "seriously" book stuff :-)

  7. Hi Jane,
    just loved this one.... it's so true. All ur posts are really good....
    Keep posting.