Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My baby no more

When he was 2, I went : “Don’t cry ! Don’t be such a baby !”
When he was 3, I said : “Don’t hit your little brother, he’s a baby !”
When he was 4, HE said : “Don’t kiss me in front of my friends. I’m not a baby !”

Now, he’s not yet 5, but he’s too old to be seen with “Cute stuff” on his clothes. He’s too old for me to hold his hand. He’s too old to drink from a sipper. He’s too old to be given stuffed toys.

But sometimes of a night, on a day when nothing’s gone right – when the troubles of being a “big little small boy” hit him hard, he’s game for a little cuddle. Just when no one’s looking, you understand. Just me and him; and the complexities and confusions and scraped knees and bullies of the playground forgotten.

Because being almost 5 is a big big burden. He’s not a baby any more. But he’ll always be mine.


  1. jane....youve said it all in so few words..and i lived it all over again when vikram went off to delhi.
    hope this compilation of yours is going to see light of day in a book!

  2. Jane ...only you can say it so well with such a few words. the feeling for me was even more real when vikram toodled off to delhi.
    hope your little notes are being compiled for a book!

  3. That's so heartwarming: the little brat's going to be embarrassed about this write up too :)

  4. mala so business minded always...:-)
    beautiful jane...i don't want to say anything silly and screw up the mood.
    well here is one compliment...thanks for being my writer...miss you.

  5. i'm going to save this one and show it to neel when he is 10 or something :)

  6. How do u do it Jane? A few words and you convey so many feelings... I agree - book book book!!

  7. Jane I love this one it is too good!! considering I have a little toddler this humor puts everything in place rather than supermoms trying to tell me yes stuff like this happens get over it. Thanks again