Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hair and the City

It’s a known fact that women feeling lousy and wanting to feel better, go cut their hair, then hate their hair cuts and feel more lousy.
It is also a known fact that men do not know this known fact.
So it was I came home yesterday with short hair and a long face.
“Why do you cut your hair if you hate it so much ?” asks S, proving my theory on men, women and known facts right. (Men cut their hair whenever it tickles their ears, or a new female employee joins, and no one ever notices it – not the female employee, the man, or even his barber.)
Other reactions to my haircuts are dramatic - “Hummm”, “Achooo!” and “Wow, look at your nice pink shirt.”
Hoping to cash in on my 4 year old son’s love for his mom, I ask “Neel, how is my haircut?”
“One side is longer than the other, “ (ignorant man-in-waiting !)
“Well,” I explain, “this style is in. Don’t you see the women in Sex and the City?”
“No,” says Neel, “you don’t let me see it. What’s Sex ?”

Today’s talk has not gone well. Today's haircut has not gone well. I think I should forget today, and wake up tomorrow and make some drastic change to make me feel New and Better…. Like cut my hair?


  1. It is a pity that girls grow up to be women. Or that girls are already little women, depending on who you ask. It is a well known fact (better known than facts about haircuts) that boys never grow up. When older boys want to be cheered up, all it takes is a new toy. As the boys get bigger, so does the price tag on the toy. Simple, linear and easy to follow.

  2. thats why ive taken to hacking away at my own hair every time it grows a bit longer and sprouts a ducks tail!
    that way, people are too awkward/polite to comment, i get spared the truth and most importantly it's free..:)

  3. given Neel and Niks and the 'magnetic man', your chances of going bald are higher :)

    i suggest giving the source of your woe a haircut - that has a better chance of working!

  4. :-) nice ! I'll hold on to the thought of getting one myself - a haircut i.e

  5. Jane, I did not see you today at school , but did on the day of your haircut, not enough for the reviews, but I can see something happened between then and then that your hair became spikes again. Classic babe to be in Sex and the City :)

  6. and i wuz wondering if my sis wuz a khambatta fan.