Thursday, March 5, 2009

When did you become an Aunt?

I was 24, and sprinting across the playground to my cousin’s place, when I heard the words that made me turn around in slow-mo.
“Auntie, pass the ball !”
Auntie? Who Me? Noooo !
I kicked their dratted ball right even further away, right over the wall, and ran to the mirror.
No grey hairs, butt’s in shape, or is it? … Auntie? Reallllly ?! I decided to start kickboxing classes immediately. (kick-butt-boxing classes – multiple puns intended).

My husband, before he became my husband, that is, got his first ‘uncle’ when he was a bachelor on his first job. At a dinner at his boss’ house, the boss’ pretty young 18-year-old pranced in…and S got his hopes a-soaring.
The Boss then introduced them “This is Manya. Manya, say Hello to this UNCLE.”

One day, you’re a nose-ringed, dirty-jeaned rebellious teen, and the next day, you’re the one being rebelled against. It’s a fine line…the next fine line’s called a wrinkle.

Learning : Years later, when my first-born first called me “Mama”, I yahoooed with joy. Why do I love being called Mama, but break into red spots at ‘Auntie’?


  1. Jane...wait till you're grey haired and rickety old men who are at least 20 years older than you , but with jet black dyed hair, stand behind you in a ticket line and say. "excuse me , aunty."

    Ive retorted to saying, "Its okay,Tata, but unfortuanetely for me, its invariably lost on them! help!

  2. I remember this neigbors son, who opened the door at the ring of a bell - he was 13 yrs old. Told his mom, Archana is here - that got me high - but did not last for long. His mother gave him a glaring look and and he turned back to say, " eh archana aunty". There goes my esteem.

  3. Well Jane,

    Like I told you, I with an almost 5 year old son still can't take an Auntie, especially from a lady 5-6 years younger than me. Didi is O.K., but Auntie! What was she thinking.

  4. for someone whose husband was an 'uncle' during 'graduation' that shudn't be a complaint.

  5. Ahh...Now I understand the beatific smile on your face when Neel (KG1A Neel as you fondly call him :-) ) called you "Jane" and not "Jane Aunty" outside school the other day !

  6. Age and class distinctions hit me together. I was riding a bicycle in this posh neighbourhood, and these kids I thought I could be friends with asked me if I knew Power Rangers, and on receiveing a blank look in return, prounounced 'Poor uncle wouldn't know what a TV was coz he only had a bicycle.'

    The twisted little #@£$^%*£"£##s.

  7. >>One day, you’re a nose-ringed, dirty-jeaned rebellious teen, and the next day, you’re the one being rebelled against. >>

    haha.. good one, Jane! Don't remember my first 'aunty', but last 7yrs in US got me, comfortably, used to being carded, and being called 'dood' - perks of hanging out with 20-25yr olds ;) ...then the ball hits few weeks back when a kiddo says 'sorry, aunty' (pun intended). The 'amma' yesterday was a serious blow to my vanity! still recovering.. ;)

  8. hahhahah I hate this too... I have strictly instructed my niece and nephew to call me by my name.