Friday, March 27, 2009

8 women vs 1 decision

Who said women can’t decide? A blue dress or green? Both ! – that’s a decision, isn’t it? Yesterday, for example, 8 of us women met for lunch and decided on where to have the next lunch. It took us 4 hours – but that’s not the point !

Minutes of the meeting :
-Let’s do Saturday lunch for a friend’s farewell. 2 women going to be stuck in hospital. 1 will be stuck with 2 kids (not even her own). So Saturday lunch is out.
-Saturday dinner? With partners then. 4 for the motion, 3 against, 1 in the loo.
Too much for 1 woman to cook. So eating in is out. Eating out is in.
13 restaurants discussed, 13 excuses for not going to any of them : - Too expensive - Too cheap (waiters are pigs) - Continental – too bland - Andhra – too spicy for kids (Kids? We’re bringing the kids?)
Realise kids are tearing each other apart in the other room. 1 is learning to skate, with another learning to trip him. 2 are trying to sleep on the floor, while the others play hopscotch on them. 3 are fighting over 1 car, while 77 other cars lie close by. 2 are trying to pull the fish out of the fish tank.
Eating IN is back in. Too much for 1 woman to cook. So who cooks what? (The last time we spent 3 hours discussing a picnic and who would bring what, and then 3 seconds the next day canceling it all).
EMERGENCY BREAK : 1 kid locks himself into a room. 35 minutes spent with everyone trying to explain to him how to open it. 11 minutes spent planning to climb the balcony to the window sill to the room – to find the kid is already out.
55 minutes spent discussing how we cannot decide on anything.
Monday lunch is now in.
Phew ! Finally ! 3 hours, 59 seconds !!!
The girl to be farewelled walks in. She cannot come for Monday lunch. We cannot have a farewell without the girl to be farewelled.
Back to the beginning.

Learning : S tells me it takes 8 men (or 80) exactly .33 seconds to decide on where to have lunch. There is only 1 criterion. There has to be beer.


  1. 1st comment from me this time : shilpi - this one's for you! and everyone else - this is a 100% TRUE story. and all you guys - i know, for once, you're gonna agree !

  2. So true. WOMEN! Well I can vouch for the story being true. You see I was the poor mom trying get her kid stuck in the room to unlock the door. Trying to explain that the lock should be turned so it in a standing line position to unlock the door. We finally did get my 5 year out of the room. And guess what we were trying to push the handle down to open the door(which is the most logical way to do this.) and it turns out the handle had to be pushed up to open the door (LOGIC! What is that? Indian carpenters.....Urrgggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh)and to top all this, the door was open all the time and we women were freaking out for nothing.

    My pregnant friend whose house it was, was so worried and hassled that a kid was stuck in a room in her house she was ready to pop the baby out. Thank god she managed to keep it in. (And she stayed in that house for 2 months and still had not figured out how to open the door!!!!!!).

    The good thing is we did not have to take anyone to the hospital, neither the kid, nor his mom nor the pregnant mom. And we did finally decide on the venue after 3 hours 59 minutes.......Yeah! So the party was a success.

  3. Hilarious, on hind sight, cant stop laughing at this reality.
    Minutes of the meeting continued
    7 minutes discussing report cards... which had a lot of happy faces of the nice adjectives used and tailor made for each child - Its a Report Card!!!!

    10 minutes getting the children to gulp the food into their throats so we can get some time to do they same

    3 minutes 2 people spent discussing some business plans!!!!

    1 who spaced out in most conversations.

    Not to miss out, 35 minutes spent in trying to get the kids out, and 10 minutes spent in figured out the technicality of the lock and breaking it open and the door and the braveness of the child and the mother!

    Overall, the best time I had... though I hate going back home on such days as my younger one P ALWAYS without fail throws a tantrum and makes me loose it all and I have become the messy mom again!

  4. So many women, So little time. to make one decission.
    This was totally irresponssible of you. But it is very funny.

  5. are you a mom Anonymous??? Well, If you are you should understand, you are and not a SaHm, then you should understand as well :). But well, i don't see anything irresponsible in this whole time we spent together. What I can see is these whole group of women are such excellent multitaskers!!!

  6. What a fun day out !
    Moral of the story: get the men to cook. You can bet your bet your Gucci that they'll down the beer and then decide to order in from the swishest place in town. Just to show the women that they can serve up fantastic food !
    Oh, and get one to babysit : he'll show the junior brigade more efficient ways to kill each other

  7. yeah. my wife takes more time to decide on the menu than she takes to actually eat what she's ordered.

  8. Indecision is the best way to enjoy all the alternatives.

  9. 1 in the loo haha ;-). yo S only one criteria 'beer'.

  10. and Jane this one is somehow very familiar.

  11. that's a good one jane.

  12. great one, I have faced this many times, fortunately If a plan is made I stick to it, even if it means going for a movie alone.