Friday, March 6, 2009

Supper Theatre

Little Tommy Tucker sang for his supper. Lucky dude! I need to dance a jig, bribe, wheedle, and run negotiations that would make a Trade Union Leader proud.

“Dinner’s Ready !” (Me)
Neel : Why?
Me : It’s Yum spinach and corn
Neel : Why ? (Neel’s reaction to anything not Pizza)
Me : Because it will give you muscles like Popeye
Neel : Why ? I wanna look like Ben 10’s aliens (one of whom has Four Arms, and another a Crocodile Head)
Me : Nothing I cook will ever make you look like that !
Neel : So let’s order Pizza !

Next is Nik’s turn. I spend 45 minutes stuffing his face. It’s like stuffing cotton into a pillow. Nik never chews. Nik never swallows. His mouth keeps getting fuller, till the hi-tech machinery inside his mouth churns all the accumulated food into a looooooong noodle which he spits out at the nearest impossible-to-clean surface.

My dog Marco pops an eyebrow up at his dinner bowl with a Where’s-the-pizza,-Woman? Look and goes back to licking his balls, which he thinks are tons tastier.

By the time, it’s all over, I’m boiling and my own dinner’s cold. “I’m going to bed hungry,” I announce, expecting everyone to melt with sympathy.
“That’s not fair. Why can’t I do that?” – from Neel.

Thank God for S, who is a human vacuum cleaner and eats everything that’s left over. He is one of those gifted persons who eats like he’s pregnant but still looks like a noodle (that Nik spat out).


  1. Yes, I think it will definitely make it. Please send me an official mail with this link.

  2. Niks reminds me of pranav, though the noodle just goes in as he hears the growls from me.

  3. i'm with the kiddos on this one. the things you hate is sure to be rich in vitamin A-Z, Iron, Calcium, and what not?

  4. looks like you have three calvins ;-)

  5. who you talking about? S and N&N ? or the dog?

  6. Hoi, YOu donnot know what it is to have 4 kids then. and a single Parent. But i like To reaad that it is with humor.

    -Mother of Anise

  7. The only way I got through my meal, I am told, was by taking me out on the street and being shown the traffic with a commentary of how each vehicle got into a huge accident as they turned the corner and they all died. (What kind of twisted parent disovers that method?)

    The other thing that worked for me was pretending I was a giant and I was devouring entire trees when confronted with cauliflower. I still do it. Very fun.

  8. you know, kids are very instinctive to food they are offered ;-)