Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV is full of vitamins

Dinner announcement in my house is met with :
Neel : What’s for dinner?
Me : Well, there is….
Neel : Why ?
Nik : I doesn’t like it.

I am quite aware that I need to start dinner etiquette early in life, and am very impressed by pictures of kids sitting at table, elbows off the table, with greens on their plate. Greens !

The problems with this picture :
1) Anything green is pulled out of the mouth along with more green slime from the inner depths of the mouth cavity, and flung at the other kid’s plate.
2) Elbows are never off the table. In fact, sometimes the whole shoulder too, and a chin, and a knee follow.
3) The table itself is a miracle. I started out with all kids strapped in high chairs, at the table. As soon as they could crawl, they crawled out of the strapped high chair, displaying dexterity that Houdini would give his left elbow for.

So dinner now consists of me chasing Niks around the house, under the sofa, with a piece of roti in my hand, threatening him with fire and brimstone forever and ever. While Neel sits with his plate in front of him and whines : Why can’t I run around and eat too?

If all else fails, I turn to my always-present, always-helpful baby-sitter.
So while Ben 10’s many-legged alien spouts green goo at some unfortunate, the little eyes watching open wide, and the little mouth opens wider, and in goes the piece of roti.

Doctors who say never feed your kids in front of TV, never said this in front of their wives.
Cos wives/ mothers all know TV is terrific for our kids. It is the source of Tom and Jerry, Vitamins and Minerals. Dora, the Explorer = a slice of carrot, Spiderman = a spoon of sprouts.


  1. Finally ! Thought you'd gone to sleep. Where is the Daily Amusing? It's becoming weekly or monthly, now. is it ?

  2. Totally agree. I owe Pixar big time for all the nutrition my kid's managed to digest. The equation is simple. No animation, no food. So much that the recent power cuts are leading to starvation.

  3. haha, flickering cursor - that's funny. and true.

  4. if only TV had been such an integral part of my childhood! my mother would have an entirely different opinion of it :D

  5. stomach-ache-inducing-laugh-rioting-post :) you really have an amazing sense of humour jane.

  6. Oh! you left the fathers out- joining in with the kids on mom's day out. So its battle with the docs and teachers Vs parents :)

  7. Lovely post. What do I say Jane. :). LOLOLOLOL

  8. hehe ....sorry gal but cant stop grinning ;)

  9. thanks, girlfriends. glad to see my distress is the cause of such mirth. :P

  10. hi,

    its the same story in almost every household. Very nice and an enjoyable read.


  11. tooooo good...keep it rolling!

  12. As many already said..same story in our house too..infact we moms should thank cartoon channels coz its just because of them that our kids eat without fuss. Mine have to have cartoons playing on the screen when he is supposed to eat..and thankfully he eats every veggie now coz he got adapted to the taste long back when Caiou or Franklin,Tom and Jerry entertained him to the extent that he forgot he was cunningly fed spinach and brinjals, bottlegourds and Methi..so long live the cartoons..and yeah I know way too many docs. who say kids shudn't be allowed to watch TV while eating...sounds good theoretically..but only a mom of a toddler would know how much difficult it is..
    As usual Excellent write up !

  13. Kids will eat when hungry.
    Any takers?

  14. Very funny indeed! (My friend passed this along to me......)

  15. thanks, dreamer, and alka, and bindu. vinoo -kids are NEVER hungry... ask your mom.

  16. i enjoyed imagining that cauliflower were entire trees and i was a giant devouring a forest. or that sweet corn were my teeth knocked out of my jaw. or peas were the ball bearings i wasn't allowed to play with. but before i started on that, i am told they had to persuade me to eat by telling me twisted stories of road accidents - how do you chance upon that technique unless you're a little bit twisted yourself, i ask you? k, on the other hand, shows no interest in food. maybe it skips a generation.

  17. Well as I would agree it take 3-4 nursery rhymes and food all gone so whats the harm.. all the time saved is fun time with them!!!!!!!!!

    And guys (will know who I mean)who have no kids not allowed to comment ;P

  18. I wonder how things were managed before television. Excellent post loved it soooo much