Sunday, April 4, 2010

An Easter Story

No hot cross buns? NO HOT CROSS BUNS ?
I stomped and the waiter at Daily Bread squirmed.
Today is Good Friday. Once a year, on one day, there are hot cross buns. And you say there are NO HOT CROSS BUNS ? I mean I wait 364 days a year for a day on which I’m fasting to eat these buns !
The waiter promised me he would get them, go to his HQ, go to the bakery, short of making his grand-mom bake them, he promised me everything. At 6 that evening, they would be ready.

At 6.05, I was at Daily Bread, with my 2 lil boys in tow.
No hot cross buns? AGAIN ? YOU PROMISED ME !!!
My voice rising like the tide, I unleashed a whole speech on my Easter season being ruined, and my little boys dying of disappointment (though they did a dismal job of being dead, since they were chasing each other around the trays of cakes, oblivious to their supposed disappointment.)

Suddenly, the waiter was called to another table, and came back with a huge box. It had 4 hot cross buns in it.
I thought you said there were none left? I hollered.
The waiter gestured at the table in the corner where a lady sat sipping coffee with her 11-year-old son. They ordered it, said the waiter, but they’re giving theirs to you. For your boys.

If Easter is about hope, and kindness and empathy, I think that lady gave her son a much stronger Easter lesson than I gave my boys that day.


  1. Lalita KambhampatiApril 4, 2010 at 5:17 AM

    Am sure you would have done exactly the same or even more if you were in the lady's position. The fact that you decided to write about it shows that you do have a really strong lesson for your boys.

  2. Thanks Lalita. Not so sure about that,but thanks all the same.

  3. Oh my darling, I will fedex you hot cross buns from the UK anytime you want 'em, though I know that's not the point!! he he... it's the anticipation of waiting all year, so what I'll do next Easter is send you some as back-up just in case Daily Bread ditch maaros again

  4. can't believe i've never eaten hot cross buns. i feel like i've totally missed out.

  5. u shud hv smsd me...ours made 6000 hotcross buns wud hv sent it immdtly...

  6. even i haven't ever had one. how is it any different? are you supposed to eat it only when you're fuming with rage?

  7. sanju hates that rhyme "hot cross buns" it goes
    One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns
    If you have no daughters, give them to your sons
    One a penny two a penny - Hot cross buns... so only if u have no daughters u r supposed 2 give them 2 ur sons;) mum used 2 buy them n sing it on purpose :)n sanju used 2 fret n fume n end up eating it all up as usual..i miss those days..

  8. @ flickering cursor (or shud it be Flickering curser?) and mentalie - you losers ! :) but then, i've never tasted frogs legs !
    @ neenu - gonna go sing it to sanju right now :)

  9. i've always wanted to know - is that a st george's cross on the bun? i like em but it feels like eating a nordic/english flag. in the hands of the wrong baker, tastes like that too. did you cock a snook at the lady for giving them up? loser!