Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Murphy and Me

I ran down the stairs, with the car keys, a book, a toy rubber tiger and my cell phone in my hand. Splattt ! The cell phone fell !
Murphy makes sure whatever’s most precious will fall, whatever’s breakable will break.
If I have keys, book, toy, cell phone and camera? Camera falls !
If I have keys, book, toy, cell, camera and baby ? …. ??!!

Murphy has been wedded to me for ever since I remember, having promised to stick to me in good times and (turn them to) bad – till death do us part. S is aware he has married a bigamist.

As I enter the bathroom in the morning, already very late for something important, the phone rings. It is an earth-shakingly (or bank-shakingly) even more important call from the USA.
“Hello,”(flush sound).
“No, of course, I’m free.” (tap running sound).
“Yesssshh” (while trying to brush my teeth).
“No, you are perfectly clear. Please go on.” (splash while phone falls into bucket of water, and ends call).

I get out of home, and guess who’s in the back seat ? Ole Murphy of course.
He gets me into the longest queue in the traffic jam, behind a Learner Car of a lady who gets out in the middle of the traffic to buy something from a chemist.
I inch forward in the car queue to enter the movie complex. The car before me goes through and they come and slap a PARKING FULL sign and close the gate.

If anything can go wrong, says Murphy’s First Law, it will go wrong.
Today, I have lost my IT papers (kept safe in a place too safe to remember), threw my medicines in the dustbin and the plate with leftovers in the fridge, had a power cut while I was baking a cake, and have a 3 year old down with high fever.
And while rushing home today, I got caught by a traffic cop for talking while driving. No one else in the car. I was not talking on the cell, I tell him, I was talking to Murphy, sitting invisible in my back seat.
If 99 people go wrong, you will be the 1 to get caught, says Murphy.
“Oh shut up,” I tell him.
The cop looks even angrier and doubles my fine.


  1. oh my god...MOMMY??? it's got to be, because i'm murphy's favourite child!
    (super post, jandy :)

  2. hate to tell you, mentalie, but you were strictly illegit. :)

  3. Hah. I have drafted my Murphy post a number of times. But just when I'm about to click publish, the power goes off. That's like the opposite of ironic.

  4. which is how murphy would have willed it anyway. old bollywood style, paiir phisal gaye...;)

  5. super hilarious and fyi all the mothers (especially juggling motherhood and career) would like to beleive they are in same boat as yours :)

  6. Absolutely hysterical ! Keep it up, Jandy !

  7. Well I wonder how Murphy gets away with so many girl friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Next time he visits me he is in trouble!!!!!

  8. You indeed are witty! Very good at writing. I am glad to come across your blog :)