Sunday, February 14, 2010

No roses on Valentine Day?

Like most girls, I used to measure how much I was loved by the number of roses, cards, chocolates I got on Val Day.
Like most guys, S doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day even is.
Me : What is Feb 14th ?
S : Tuesday.

This year, it wasn’t any different. No roses. No cards. No wishes.
This is how Val Day went :

S & I were going to the library. I was 45 minutes late. He pretended not to notice.
“I’ll just rush in, get a book, and rush out,”; I said. I spent 25 minutes there, totally forgetting about the rusharound promise. S kept Nik busy all the while, chasing him down one aisle, and up the other, picking up every book Nik pulled out, answering every question Nik asked.
Nik : ‘What you doin?’
S : Reading books.
Nik : Ok. Now, what you doin ?

S filled my car up full tank of petrol.
He paid my phone bill.
He took our 5 year old for a party to have a blast with his own pals.
He couriered a letter for me.
He sat while I had a huge filter coffee.
We both went for a walk in the evening. I changed my mind 3 times over about what to get for dinner. Even the waiter looked like he wanted to throw the naan at me.

I got home with a bad headache.
So S fed Nik.
Nik : I don’t want bread.
S : This is Naan.
Nik : I don’t want Naan.
S : This is not Naan.
Nik :I don’t want Not Naan……

In the evening, a good girl friend wished me Happy Valentine’s Day. What did S give you? She asked.

He gave me the best ever Feb 14th. And 15th. And 16th.

Learning :
It’s never measured in roses.


  1. Next V Day, I''' send you roses. Will you write a blog about me please? Seriously though, you guys give even my hardened old heart hope.

  2. awesome jane.....i can sooo relate to you on this.... J

  3. you are just amazing jane! Really love the way you look at things.
    just one question about the it measured in chocolates? :)

  4. Hey Poemsnpuja, guess you got one huuuge bunch of chocolate for Val Day, huh ?

  5. If I tell you will you come to my place...will share some with you, promise :)

  6. so true! It is a luv day everyday for me :)not dictated by hallmark, godiva or florists

    no roses or chocolates or cards for me on B'day/ V day
    sing a song I will he says
    a tune from the heart and soul that makes me swoon
    cards get recycled
    chocolates digested
    roses wither and dry
    a song from the heart lingers on forever-----
    "Grow old with me, the BEST is yet to come"

  7. Oh nice. And true. Now, if only someone can get my wife to read this...sigh.

  8. right you are, jandy :) happy valentine days to you!

  9. Flcikering Cursor, i hear you, Brother. If I were to ignore the roses thing, my wife would accuse me of joining Muthalik's club.

  10. Ha ha so true about roses and the hype for the day... But so true blessed we are with all the gifts these mad men give us everyday by just doing some stuff and taking things off your hands.. I agree all days are Val days.. Thank god its not just one day ;)

  11. I completely agree with you on this Jane (Oh when did I ever disagreed).Mine is not different from your S, though I got a pretty rose from him, thts what it was on v-day.Some years back I used to feel the pinch when ppl around me used to talk about cards, gifts, mushy notes, candle light dinners and all..but then I soon realized , Love is not all about that.Like you said, my better half too keeps doing this little things for me, which I always tend to take for granted.Like making morning tea for us, so that I can catch those 10 more minutes of sleep, never complaining about the mess I make of our home, with piles of clothes , undone dishes etc.Never blames me for my follies, never ask me how much and where did I spend the money.He very happily order Home delivery of food if I am not well or not in mood to cook.He is first to rush to a doctor when my mom is unwell,takes her to the doc. for follow ups,takes care of our kid when I am not around or even if I am busy blogging.Doesn't that show how much he cares?
    And besides, I believe Life is not about how much he or she loves you ..but its about how much you love him or her and what you do to express your love.So heres to some Not so romantic but absolutely caring partners ..cheers !

  12. Thanks Jane for presenting the guy's side. V-day was a perfectly normal every-other-day in our home too.But I don't think the missus appreciates it the way you do. Maybe you can talk to her. Here's what happened. I scratched my butt standing by the window when I woke up. I left my clothes on the floor. I left the wet towel on the bed. I picked my nose at the table. I left the dishes under the sofa. i put the baby in front of the kiddy channel to keep her quiet. i left the banana skin on the dashboard. I complained about how busy I was. I fell asleep on the couch with a whiskey glass in my hand, which eventually slipped out. I dropped baby food on the carpet, which I quickly 'massaged' in before anyone could notice. I walked all over the house in wet shoes. Just another day. I like it when we dont have to be someone else just because the date changed.

  13. Pach, after what you did on V Day, I think you need to get her those roses !