Saturday, March 6, 2010

Windows 2010

You know what would help you avoid shoe bite, traffic fines, eunuchs, sick children suspected of swine flu and thieves ?
Car Windows… No kidding ! the all-in-one cure !

Here’s a chain of events that happened when my niece went clickety-click on the automatic car windows :

- The automatic windows broke – The windows wouldn’t roll down – The windows manufacturer (not Bill Gates) said the repair unit would take 48 hours – I kept the car running with windows up and air con running for 2 hours – So Niks came down with a cold and fever – Spent thousands on his tests and meds – S took 2 days of leave - The windows manufacturer said the unit would take another 48 hours – Met someone I knew while driving on the road – Could not roll down the window to say Hi – Had to open the car door and get out in traffic to say Hi, my Windows won’t roll down – Angry traffic cop –Went to Manipal Hospital – where car valet managed to get windows DOWN and now they wouldn’t go UP – The windows manufacturer said the unit would take another 48 hours – Now driving with windows down all over town – Traffic signal, the “gender-challenged scary beggars” snaking their arms right in – Can’t park the car anywhere outside cos the windows are DOWN – found my old favorite boot hanging on the mirror flicked – found the car shelf flicked - Mosquitoes flying in and out of the car – threatening malaria - sunniest of days no air con – cos the windows won’t go UP - – I had to walk 1 hour 45 minutes to somewhere cos I couldn’t take my windowless car – got a shoe bite- The windows manufacturer said the unit would take another 48 hours.

Learning : So forget Insurance and gym memberships and Buy the Right Car Windows, People! It could one day (or in 48 hours) save your life !


  1. Wow ! Murphy has even got into your vehichle now? How does this only happen to you? I have never experienced such an interesting car breakdown with my windows. Is this all really true ?

  2. you should have tried curtains...khas ke parde you know :) or even banboo ones should have worked fine.
    considering the fact that these things happen to you i suggest you buy a convertible :) if the windows stop working you might as well remove the ceiling too :D

  3. Well its like this I am sure we all go through such lousy situation.. curse get upset and maybe just fume away...

    But only You Jane can see so much humour in such times and then write about it so we all can laugh...

    Moral of the story: I will definitely look at this with some humour now.. Things will be so much more interesting :)

    You made my day!!!!!!!!!

  4. thanks -
    puja - since the windows are down, now - i think the next thing to get stolen will be the roof anyways
    ira - i fumed, i promise you
    vinoo - i'm an open book / car ;P

  5. "gender-challenged scary beggars"... LoL... but I thought there was an unwritten rule that they harrass only guys. At least in trains they follow it.

  6. Next time windows don't open, do what gates would do. press steering(cntrl) + gearshifter(alt) + brake(del). if that doesn't work, re-bore the engine.

  7. Windows is famous for crashing. you know that.

    The funniest thing is when the manual window crank's broken inside, and someone gets in and expects the usual level of resistance from the crank as they turn the window down, and instead their hand windmills around the crank and nothing happens to the window. This simple pleasure kept me from getting the crank fixed on my M800 for the longest time.

  8. dump windows, get an apple, keeps the doc away ;-) oh I love my Basanti :-)