Sunday, January 24, 2010


These are the gadgets our household has bought to save its people time and trouble.

The Cell phone : Mine is not charging. I have bought 3 chargers in 3 weeks from. Not charging! I have, with human intelligence found that if laid at an angle of 37 degrees on the bar cabinet, supported by a toy Brontosaurus, held together by a clothes clip and wedged with a tooth-pick, it charges !!! If I replace the toy brontosaurus with a Stegosaurus, it won’t. Or else, I have to stand by the plug point holding the cell phone in place till it charges – while doing nothing else for the 2 hours that this takes. Time-saving device. Hah !

The Microwave : Can do a hundred magnificent things, almost stand on its head. But is used in 99% of Indian households to re-heat ONLY. So, I put the cold milk from the fridge (also tech device – please note) into the microwave to heat quickly. Then Niks scalds his lips and screams. So I put the milk back into the fridge to cool. Final end to this episode : Niks goes to school LATE with burnt lips plus a sneezy nose from milk out of the fridge. Saves trouble. Hmph !!!

The Electric Iron : Our household uses this item as purely educational, since all clothes are sent down to the dhobi. Educational – because Niks is told NOT to TOUCH it, which he chooses to interpret as push Neel onto it, so Neel will touch it instead. And then let’s see what happens.

Laptop : To carry anywhere and have a mobile office. Right now, sits plugged into the mains, since its battery won’t charge. Why is it all items in my house are non-chargeable? But every item in a store that Niks breaks is chargeable? Murphy, c’mon out and let’s talk !

The household also has other inhabitants, some of which are lower-tech-evolved than me. Example : In the middle of a do-or-die presentation, my mom phones me at office to say ‘ The second red light on the washing machine is blinking. Now what to do?’
And there are higher-tech people like my dog, who is the only one who can operate the 5-click guaranteed burglar-proof safety lock on my door.

Learning : They have created a really high-tech appliance which can do children’s homework, fix bulbs, make and pack tiffins, issue warnings, dispense hugs, do crosswords, scrub kids, dress kids, and then drive itself to a full day of work. Guess what it’s called ?


  1. Lalita KambhampatiJanuary 25, 2010 at 6:02 AM

    There can, certainly, be nothing better than the "really high-tech appliance" capable of doing absolutely anything and that is the reason she is called the "Lady of the house". This device can never ever afford to fail, else the entire system fails.

  2. we are a wired/wireless generation these days!

    And the response to your question in the end----"MOMS" :)

  3. hey jane..that was downright hilarious..thoroughly enjoyed it..u have got a way with words it

  4. Lalita KambhampatiJanuary 25, 2010 at 8:57 AM

    Based on my experience with gadgets, I have realized that they need to be treated with a lot of love and affection in order to make sure that they don't go unruly. You need to make them feel that you care for them and ensure that they don't feel that you take them for granted. Otherwise they have their own way of showing their importance.
    Say, when my newer car is out for servicing, my older one needs to be made to feel that the prime responsibility is on its shoulders and it cannot afford to create any problems. I can see how it tries to push itself even if it is not feeling so well and once the newer one is back, then it decides to take some rest:) This may sound crazy but all the gadgets of the house also need to be treated with a lot of sensitivity and understanding. Guess the only one who performs, irrespective of whatever way she is treated(there sure must be a breaking point for her as well) is - Guess what it's called?

  5. Woman - That's what makes us indispensible. No gadgets can ever replace us. So true, JD.

  6. raja - thanks ! and co-p, lalita, priya - you got it right.... and methinks that's why i've got no male responses in to this post hehe.

  7. @ lalita again : spoken like a true technophile. but yup - i got a similar story. we had an old Morris car, if you remember, in Jamshedpur , and every time I'd return from college hostel, Dad picked me up from the railway station in it. And every time without fail, it would break down on the way home. Dad always said it got emotionally overcome by my return hehe

  8. hahahaaaaaaaaaaa , vinooo.
    see - got a male response, and a typical one at that.

  9. hahahahah! oh my, how in the world do you put up with that smart ass dog?
    ps: nothing in my house charges either and my mobile keeps leaping apart unless i keep it tightly bound with scotch tape.

  10. Hi Jane,
    Just wanted to let you know that I went through a few of your posts and enjoyed getting a glimpse of your world.Keep up the good work.
    How is your response to the LANDMARK coaching you got?Looking fwd to tomorrow's session.See you then.

  11. Hey Jane, we are in a matrix babe, We cant live without these gadgets can we else we go into brastrax! So treat your gadgets with love and let others play with them as well, so they in turn will learn to treat it with love. :)

  12. welcome back, Arch.
    and sister-in-arms, mentalie !