Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Organizing Blues - and Greens

‘Hey,’ said an old friend I’m meeting after 12 years. ‘Isn’t that the same blue whale t-shirt you had back then?’
‘It’s not, ‘ I reply, ‘then I had a dolphin, now it’s turned into a whale’.
In response to those who think I’m hopelessly fashion-challenged, or disorganized, or lazy :


Here are my piles :

Pile 1 : To throw out - Those clothes I have worn for 10 years : Bye Bye blue whale T shirt. Bye Bye old blue jeans that I fell off a tree in, and then fell off a bike in. (blood stains to prove it). Bye Bye,– sorry, these go right back in.

Pile 2 : To throw out instead – Clothes I have NOT worn for 10 years (smarter !) There should go all my wedding trousseau sarees, but Ma will stage a hunger-strike, so sarees will go into Pile 3.

Pile 3 : Those clothes I have NOT worn for 10 years BUT will wear again : All those tiny tops and size 24 inch waist jeans. Some day I will lose the tummy and the thighs and the – oh forget it, will just give them to some stick-insect teen I meet.

Pile 4 : Shoooooooooes ! I have (opposed to the 3 pairs of footwear that S owns) - currently 27 pairs, out of which I wear my red keds almost every day. Yet, I keep going out and buying another pair of impossibly high heels. (All linked to childhood advice from my Dad – blame him – he said : “Aim High. Stand Tall.”)

Pile 5 : Slinky black dresses and night wear. Night wear now = pajamas. Stick-insect teen – your lucky day !

Pile 6 : Striped T Shirts in all colors. Love these. Buy them every time I sneeze. When I had my 11th, I read that horizontal stripes make you look fatter. Wottodo? Can’t wear my T Shirts at right angles, can I? Too late now. Keep all. Look at the positive - Would fit straight into a jail-break movie/ mental asylum flick (no reader comments accepted on this !)

Pile 7 : Lots of hairbands, caps, socks, (these are called Accessories by fashion mags). They work to color-co-ordinate your look, apparently. Hmmm – like when I’m formally dressed in a black silk sari, nothing like a pair of orange socks with ‘hiya captain’ on them to colorize the co-ordination.

Pile 8 : All other clothes – salwars, trousers, skirts – no more time left to waste, and no more shelves left, so just push them all into the one remaining shelf space, squeezed in between the books, which I have labelled as ‘Unstriped clothes’. (After all, books too qualify as unstriped clothes).

There ! Wardrobe Organized !

Learning (for you this time) : Now all of you who ask why I keep wearing the same red striped T Shirt in all my recent facebook pix, KNOW !


  1. Donate some of your old stuff to me. I like the way you dress. But not that red striped T- shirt now that everyone knows you're wearing it.
    And Jandy, I want to say that you write the same way as you organize. Hilariously !

  2. Somewhere between pile 5 and pile 7 is a woman who knows herself so well.

  3. somewhere between pile 5 and pile 7 is a woman who knows herself so well.

  4. Was sent this link. Loved your blog. Spent too many hours of serious productive office time laughing instead.

  5. Jane dear.............YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!Kya sense of humour hai yaar....Dil khush ho jaata hai tumhara blog padh kar.

  6. Janey..........amazing sense of humour...love to read your blog..makes me happy....

  7. I love that "Oh my favourite pair jeans - I WILL fit into you....... someday" pile. Good to know I'm not the only one living in lala land ;)

  8. Count me in. Pile for pile with you, Janedy. And Hathi Patni.

  9. this makes me wish i was the "stick-insect teen" you plan to donate your stuff.
    love the way you dress and carry yourself...
    well it makes me wish i had your sense of humor too :)
    I wish!

  10. thanks all.
    puja and Guess Who - in Will, I am leaving you my stick insect clothes and my sense of humour.

  11. Lol..u sound so much like me , or maybe I am so much like you when it comes to organizing stuff..or as u mentioned, a wardrobe(I simply dump everything, then dig everything when I need sumthng..and so the cycle goes)..And yeah I have lots of Pile 2 and 3 types of clothes.. and I wishfully think that someday I may reduce to my pre-delivery figure, maybe someday..who knows..sigh !