Friday, July 17, 2009

The ghost of D 305

I never believed in monsters, but I have 2 little ones at home. I never believed in aliens, but I’ve married a man who is convinced he’s one, and I never believed in ghosts. Till…

Me : Omigosh, I’ve been gone 5 minutes. Who broke my long-stemmed vase?
Neel : Not me.
Niks : Not me.
Marco polo does not even shake a guilty tail.
The maid is cleaning under the sofa – under – understand – that’s a side of the sofa that has never seen a broom in its life, and is getting a persecution complex at the sight of one.
The cook is seriously buried in churning out something no one will eat. (Neel : Not me, Nik : Not me)
S is buried in a mallu flick, paying more attention to the woman shrieking on TV, than the woman shrieking off it.
Ma is playing the keyboard to drown out the screams of the dying vase. And those of her living daughter.
No one entered the house. The door is locked from inside. Hercule Poirot/ Mr Holmes, where are you?
Elementary, my dear watsits, the vase jumped up out of depression at being in a see-through garment all its life, and committed suicide! Any other theories anyone? Any IDEAS, huh?
Neel : Not me
Niks : Not me

Learning :
The same mystery occurred when my keys got lost (and were found in the washing machine), when S’ specs were bent backwards, and when my perfume bottle was emptied into the dog basket. Any insider insights or ghost busters are welcome !


  1. So funny, had such a good laugh. At my home, each one blames each other and the cycle never ends. Nevertheless, I have stopped being materialistic as well, as at the rate at which P breaks his water bottles, I have bought 6 new ones this year.

  2. I have a key incident as well, it was my kids of course. But once again, as you said, " a ghost did it "they said and laughed :). We have fun with Ghosts. They got introduced to it but a teenage boy who came for our housewarming. After that, they enter a dark room, and they go, ghost is there, hahhahaha and have fun. So thats another trick to get them into a fun mood.

  3. Here's to many more amusings about the ghosts of #D305, and its other denizens.

  4. I have a feeling it is to do with D block :). I am D block as well.

  5. its the same thing with dad now....things keep going wrong...especially with his computer and all we get is " NOT ME!!!" Think its the case of haunted PC!

  6. Always wonder why these ghosts are never benign. Like they never make the trash or the ghastly showpiece disappear. It's always glasses or keys or something else useful. Somebody phone-in casper.

  7. Archana, you may have a point there. I am a D Blocker too and I definitely have more than a share of your ghosts out here, Jandy, seeing the number of things going wrong in my part of the D World.

  8. Jane you are such a fantastic writer, why don't you do something about it, I want to see this lovely talent Rise and Shine! ( Though you always are)

  9. Haha - slash, if you find that benign ghost - send him over please.
    archana - thank you

  10. Did we tell you about General Kikitov, who picks up dropped socks and mittens and makes them disappear, now that the KGB's been wound up? I think I did on an earlier comment. BTW, this is Pachy pretending to be Seju.

  11. lol great laugh, When my nephew and niece is around they used to get blamed until they learned to talk