Friday, August 6, 2010

From: Jane. To: Rain

Oh great Indian monsoon, please show your face.
So far, you’ve been an utter disgrace!
No storms, no sploshes, no plops.
No miserly two-bit drops.

But wait - hey!
When I said Rain Rain Go away,
I really meant to say, Please stay.
Don’t be a spoil sport, come out and play.

Please wash my terrace, flood the streets.
You have permission to drench my sun-dried bed sheets.
Just Rain.
Don’t be a pain.
I want no excuses, no buts.
And I really want no more power-cuts.
The price of tomatoes has gone through the sky.
Because every farm is dry.
The big ole trees are dying of thirst.
But those pregnant clouds just refuse to burst.

Made my point. Please Mister Rain?
Save our grain. Please, pretty please, just come out again.

Comment : 1

Dear Jane. This is Mister Rain.
I know the reason you want me to shoot,
Is not for the earth or the crops or the roots.
I’m a wise old fella.
It’s cos you’ve just bought a new fancy umbrella.


  1. Funny poetry. Now that's something! In a class of its own.

  2. Stick to prose. That's what we keep coming back for more.

  3. hahaha!
    Nik influence there.

  4. got inspired by ur lovely poem-------

    In Oregon,
    we cry out- Rain be gone!!

    6 months u pour, u piddle, u never stop
    and the children hop hop hop

    earthworms, banana slugs, water skeeters glide
    You saturate the earth
    the ground begins to slide

    it is cold, wet, bleak, and dark
    even the dog refuses to bark
    wet and shivering he snuggles
    as we watch the games played amidst puddles
    we yearn for the bright blue sky
    and we sigh-------
    6 months more!!
    of this incessant rain
    what a Pain!

    umbrellas, boots, raincoats
    hot chocolates and oats
    spending indoors sometimes is a bore
    videos, movies, board games make up for the rain in store

    we sing Rain Rain go away
    Just please stay for a day
    The Rain says Nay Nay
    I am here to stay! :)

  5. i love the part where mister rain replies.