Thursday, May 27, 2010

germ warfare

I am sick.
Day 10 now. Coughing like an old car, and head thumping like a new drumset.
And I didn’t do NOTHING to get sick, honest !
What’s happened to my immunity?

Down Memory Lane :
Memory 1 :
I lived in a place where they bred cows for the milk next door. I used to spend my time hanging over the cow shed wall – making friends with all the buffalo calves – they are downright cute! All that cowdung and smell ! And I’d be in the middle of all of it, cuddling them up. Come right home, feeling hungry and make up a sandwich WITHOUT washing my hands.
Healthy as a horse ! (Excuse the mixing of metaphors and animals).

Memory 2 :
Playing all day – dashing around in the mud – hot sunny day – buying 2 rupee iced water in hideous colours of parrot green and orange from the roadside (though it was rumoured they made it from the gutter water).
Gastro-enteritis? Not a whisper !

Memory 3 :
Icy-cold Jamshedpur winter. Freeeeeeezing, and on top of it, it was raining. Saw from my verandah, some lil puppies getting drenched and howling on the road. Went running down (umbrella? Nah!) – and carried them all to push them under a culvert –, and wiping the rain streaming down my face -off at the same time.
Unhygienic? Fleas? Rabies? How do you spell all that?

Not fair. Fast forward a coupla decades – and here I am – being good. Using umbrellas in the rain, and hand SANITIZER – and half the preventive pharmacy – and guess what?

Caught some big bad bugs.
My kids cuddling up to me, kissing me all over my germ-infected nose - and still healthy as - horses!

Learning : Guess those guardian angels that they say kids have? That’s really true.


  1. So right! The kind of stuff we did as kids! We are keeping this Generation in Glass Walls. Perceptive post, this Jandy!

  2. Lalita KambhampatiMay 27, 2010 at 11:06 AM

    Walk the same memory lanes once again and I bet you will be healthy as ever. Guess the harmful germs used have a sense of recognition towards you in earlier days and wouldn't harm you and now they see you as an alien:)

  3. hehe - sure, lalita - you want to walk those ole bistupur back lanes with me? and drink milk-shake made in the clothes washing machine?

  4. stress, stress and stress ! Vs carefree childhood :(

  5. the guardian angels are them parents. no?

  6. Hope you feel better soon, Janey :-)

  7. Gaah! You stole my next post topic. Same way age stole my immunity. Otherwise, there was a time I could safely drink water that had less hydrogen/oxygen and more exotic elements. Sigh. No longer.

  8. i caught it too. chest congestion. tried whisky, brandy in warm water. no luck. looks like i should switch back to good ol' beer.

  9. Get well soon.
    Have been so very busy for the last couple of months....had no time for much of anything. Missed coming to your blog. But I have to say...whenever I do manage to get here...I love it. You make me smile.
    Keep writing..oh! and again - get well soon :-)

  10. Jane, no post from you on long time. hope u have recovered and doing well

  11. Jane, the roadside 'puchkas' and the yummy treats got us going good; methinks, the churan wallah had made our immune systems rock solid!
    now we have become 'weak as water'