Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday Night Fever

Then :
Remember John Travolta belting out ‘Saturday night fever –yeeeeeah !’ pointing his finger in the air, and his pelvis too?
The theme song for singles ! I couldn’t wait for the week to end – to hit the night clubs, and when they closed – 7 of us hostel girls cheaped out at the Taj Coffee Shop over 1 cup of coffee for all of us – till 6 in the morning, when we jumped the hostel gate, jumped into bed –and slept through the education our parents were paying for.
Aaah, those were the days – or rather, the Saturday nights.

Now :
Saturday night is when the fever hits all right.
104 degrees. Burning heads, puking kids.
And what every sleep-deprived parent knows : No doctors are open on Sundays.
And kids plan their urgent, sick n dying, fevers for just then. Always. Without fail. They’re as healthy as horses through the week.
Mine both kept me awake all of last night (yup – it was a Saturday) - with loosies.
“See the night – see the night, feverrrrrrrr, we know how to do it”

So from spending the night dancing the groove – to the tango with the loo.
From cocktails on our table – to a bedside table with a dozen medicine bottles.
From the juke box – to the puke box !

You've come a long way, Baby, oh yeaaaahhhh !


  1. ok - i keep meeting people who tell me they check my blog every day - and read and laugh.
    grrrr - so this is a threat !
    unless i hear from you here, i'm gonna stop writing !

  2. How is this for a quick response? And a deal. You write more often, we'll comment. Hanh ?

  3. threatening? ooooo not good for the soul jg ;)

    hee hee :)yes indeed fever never fails over the weekend and often when dad is out of town too!

  4. very nice jane you brought back such beautiful carefree memories of my hostel days and the partying days.....
    i don't remember when was the last party i went to... hmmmmm

    hmmmm no sweat looking forward to the most happening party of all time 19th december when kutty is gonna complete 365 days one round trip around the sun....aha ...lots of kids running around what a party its gonna be...:-)

    keep writing

  5. suma - yes YEs - it's true. The Dad is out of town - out of the country too right now ! totally convenient huh? or is it one big male conspiracy?
    vinoo - that doesn't count ! -a nd you're single so you're still in the THEN

  6. .... somehow i think I am doing something wrong as my comments never shows up.... anyway.... trying yet again..... Love coming here to check what you have written every other day.... and always... always... leave feeling better... - Kola

  7. So true jane ,kya se kya ho gaye .We all hav come a long , long way.But believe me,this phase is going to be a short one( thankfully ).Let least you dont have to deal with all the back answerings , i-am-not-going to-listen-to-you,unkept rooms & tantrums over food of a 14year old teenager .Now which is better ???

  8. What perfect timing Jane darling - if it's any consolation, Bobby and I were up too - both Friday and Saturday with Kee's night fever night fever, vomit et al. Let's get the party started - whoohooo - I am so partied out I can't even find the josh to put my hands on my hips and go ggrrrr to you for highly recommending parenthood........... Though I will grudgingly admit that you were right in one respect - that gorgeous kee-smile makes up for it all and I wouldn't want it any other way (minus the puke box maybe)!!

  9. Good one.. Trust me, this doesnt get over - Now you're spending sleepless nights with kids by your side, after a while you'll be spending sleepless nights waiting for your teens to get back home :).. Ypu'll have to soon start partying with your kids.. Its like 'Kabhi maa bhi teenager thi'!

  10. shanti/ anon (unless you're mala) - reminds me of when i was complaining to mala about my sick kids, she answered - thank god your kids are at a stage when their problems can be cured by anti-biotics. (her son's in the emotionally charged teens).

  11. Ha ha good one.. I so remember our Latitude days!!!!! and now its all about when can I go to sleep!!!!!!!!! party all night long is with little A not sleeping and me dancing around to make her sleep :)

    And as everyone says this is just the beginning so come on all smile and dance all around so what if its around the kids.....


  12. Anjana ChakrabortyOctober 26, 2009 at 1:40 AM

    Jane's really amazing the way you define perfectly and so touching! Keep it up babes! Love you.

  13. elizabeth samuel matthewOctober 26, 2009 at 7:09 AM

    very good now my girls asking did i do all this, pls tell them i was the good catholic one

  14. good one Jane - enjoyed reading it

  15. I read and commented :) See you at coffee.

  16. life has come full circle, huh jane??!! i know the feeling!!

    hope the kids feel better b4 next saturday...then you can boom boom pow!!!

    stop sulking, will comment more often!!!


  17. Frane Vanessa BhattacharyaOctober 28, 2009 at 6:53 AM

    i enjoyed the reading, as usual it was fun , i read out a few to cb and he was wow , isn't she thinking o9f publishing them or writing a book !!! he enjoyed "Magnetic Personality" i too llike that alot.

  18. Jane , totally identify with this article.
    Kids also love to fall ill when the dads are away - just to make it a
    little more fun :-) Tanvi even decided to be born when Yatin was away
    at a conference. When she turned one the next year, Yatin was again
    out of the country attending the same conference for the consecutive
    year ! That prompted one of my friends to say - Ask Yatin to make sure
    he atleast attends Tanvi's wedding !!!

  19. You have a beautiful (and of course humorous) way of capturing a simple feeling /experience!

    The role reversal write-up really touched I see Krish (not yet two) doing it in his own little way. He kisses my boo-boos!!

  20. really enjoyed reading it:)

  21. threatening really wrks, max comments posted:)

  22. hey j...i might be one of those who have recently come across your blog, so much identify with it, that instead of writing on my own i read yours, nod my head, roll on the floor. and you shall be hearing more often from me. like the ancients would say keep up the good wrk and good luk for this weekend

  23. thanks amu - rolling on the floor is really good exercise for the hips.
    and the last anon - read my new post for my reply

  24. s and i been up all night. even a midnight visit to the hospital only to be told we are worrying parents and we should go right back and get some sleep. not that we did. we hung around to go through their entire menu of tests before we were satisfied. back then, i remember tearing my foot trying to break a bottle on a ledge, and i had a quarter bottle of whisky instead of local anaesthesia so i could watch the doctor stitch it up. of course, the lady doctor smelt the alcohol and went right back to get her husband to sew me up. where's all that bravado gone?

  25. Hey Jandy I have read almost all, but I didn't leave comments in some... But I shall do it now... Thanks for writing.