Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Save My House

My summer holiday homework is REDO House.
S wants to know if my idea of saving money in a recession, is to spend loads of it.
The answer stares you in the face. If you come knocking on my door, that is. (And don’t knock too hard, or the door may cave in.)
Between my dog and my kids, they have peeled the walls and chewed the furniture. There is a stain on the sofa that looks suspiciously like some disgusting body fluid, but is actually orange juice, which by an anti-gravity miracle, has also splashed the ceiling. When a guest opened a cabinet, the Giant Book of Monsters fell on his head.
So I’ve spent hours in the sun, in various potty shops (as Priti so delicately puts it) looking for tiles and basins, and more hours arguing with a lost-looking contractor.
The salient points of my Redo House are therefore :
- Only space left for Ma’s expensive keyboard is in dog’s basket
- Nik fell off the bunk bed in the display at the furniture store – so that is out.
- S and I have argued over every item, colour and finish, and now reached a shade between jaundice-yellow and bile-green
- Neel has asked Asian Paints to paint a HYENA on his wall
Summary :
After copious calculations, (and bad sun tan), I have arrived at NO conclusion on tiles or walls, but reached an estimate. It will cost ½ the State budget, and take 13 years to complete my house.
And will be broken down the next day.


  1. Jane Jane Jane....Take heart..Start on your house now.....when you embark on it. you will have everything on a platter...the best excuse for going grey, the best excuse for demanding " space" and snarling at your family and other animals, the best excuse for not having to run the house...the best excuse for just about murdering anyone in sight...and u actually get away with it all. enjoy...and next time im visiting, i will just huff and puff..:)

  2. Oh darling. And you still found the courage to visit the potty shop once more today. That's the spirit! And in UK they are always talking about spending their way out of the recession (which, surprise surprise, is backfiring), so you are in tune with what the economists say. Rock on!

  3. Hey Jane, Like ur blog....nice style, engaging, witty & laced with ur signature sarcasm! Nice. Too many babies, & poo stuff tho. that's when I surf away! Happy you are doing it....Cheers, Arif

  4. Oh Jane!

    This line made me chuckle so much!!!

    "S wants to know if my idea of saving money in a recession, is to spend loads of it".

  5. S spelling recession : RECESION
    J spelling recession : RECE$$ION

  6. since its recession i am also holding back on my comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ha ha (stupid PJ i know)

  7. Try the DIY (do it yourself) project-------
    with friend's help and then have the beer/pizza party. Beer after the job is done :)

    Oh Jane
    I understand your bane---
    with help from friends?
    a helping hand, i am sure they will lend
    to REDO your home
    room by room
    the colors (to color or not to color,that is the question) the tiles, the murals----------
    it could get broken the next day you say--
    ah well, c'est la vie!

  8. i luv d way ur house looks now, ts so cosy n homely,... y do u wanna torture yrself wen u kno d v next day nothins gonna remain in ts place:)

    p.s:look at d sofa set n d rockin chair u "redid" couplea months bac

  9. can't help but agree with neenu. the house looks fantastic as it is. besides, with s, when the bar is open, we don't really notice anything else. case closed?