Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The flag

We bought 3 little flags the night before Republic Day.
1 Re each. The price that patriotism is selling at.

We woke early in the morning, and went to Cubbon Park.
The boys played football, I fell into a dirty stream, the dog tried his best to pick fights with every stray dog, and Neel had to be pulled off the fence of the goose enclosure.
I took my baby for the building Flag Hoisting – and eyed the free coffee, that never came my way. While the children were belting out a re-mix of Vande Mataram, we were talking about allergies.
Later that day, we went shopping (great Sales in town), ate, did a lot of book browsing, and I got food poisoning, and ended the day throwing up the entire contents of my mile-long intestines (And a good part of the intestines too).
All in all, a nice full day, I’d say.
Before getting into bed, I picked up my shopping bags, and found something lying squashed under them.
The flags.


  1. loved the twist....keep em coming

  2. Very sad. Very true. This is what our national consciousness has become today. It is just a day to see the parade and feel justified.

  3. Just found your blog - thanks to your FB post. And this is after asking you so many times. I will spend more time reading all of them. You write so fabulously, Jane.

  4. Read it. Thank you for sharing. And it is true. This is the irony.

  5. Sad but true!
    As time passes, historical events become fading memory for the generations. We do not live LONG enough to remember or even to relate to the tribulations and sacrifices that our countrymen endured.