Sunday, January 25, 2009

Broken Bones

My little boys are definitely competitive.
Neel fractured his arm when he was 4. Nik has sprained his foot before he turned 2.
I have so many XRays of them both, that I could set up a whole Spooky House Gallery.
Oh that’s ok, says Savio, their cousin. I’ve got 8 stitches on my face. Great ! A new high for them to aim for.
The worst part ? They don’t learn.
Each fall from the table, my BP does a pole vault. But little Nik bawls his head off, wipes his snotty nose, and goes right upto the table, and jumps again. And falls again. And bawls again. On and on, till their Dad comes home to see me crying.
Are you hurt? He asks
No, but Nik is.
Is that why he’s crying?
No, that’s because I spanked him.
S sits down on that one… Let me get this straight. He hurt himself, so you hurt him some more, so he’d cry, so you’d cry.
Something like that… fast learner, this man !

Learning from today :
Kids need to jump. They need to fall. They need to learn. I need to learn that they won’t learn. I also need to know that the only permanent scars will be those worry lines on my face !


  1. thanks for the wisdom and i must say fabulously written...cheers.

  2. thanks for the wisdom and i must say fabulously written...cheers....ooops kichu here

  3. Haha! i must say Sup is making more fans than you.

  4. hey jane, i do the same thing to pranav, wak him after he has hurt himself, and on 2nd thoughts i felt sad. Hmm well I have learnt the same lesson as well, just let him do his stuff and learn the hard way. and nice writing Jane, thanks for the wisdom, now after reading yours i think i need to reopen my blog which has been sleeping for a year or more :) and thats

  5. Hey Jane,
    Its so well written, full of humour. Not just enjoyed but visualised and identified with every bit bit of it. Keep up the good work.

  6. The traumas and dramas of mummyhood. Hmmm, now I see why you encourage all your friends to jump on the bandwagon.. or do I?