Thursday, February 23, 2012

Booby Trap

There are tons of examples of women going gaga (or rather googoo gaga) after parenthood, while men, we are told, stay untouched – except for growing tummy bumps in empathy with their wives.
Men are altered irrevocably by parenthood. See this:

Mother-to-be: Oh my gawd, I am turning obese. Everything on me is huge and ugly.

Father-to-be: (watching TV): No, no. You look good.

Mother-to-be: Tell me ONE way I look good now. I’m so huge!

Father-to-be: Your breasts look better now.

Mother-to-be: Can’t you think of anything else?

11 years later:

Mother: Do you realise how fast our little girl has grown?

Father: She’s not grown up at all. She’s still a kid.

Mother: She's not a kid. She’s growing breasts and all. It’s cute.

Father: She is NOT.

Mother: Not what?

Father: Not growing those... that...

Mother: Breasts? What – you can’t say breasts now? You never had a problem earlier with breasts.

Father: Don’t keep saying that word.

Mother: Oh, so what is she growing then?

Father: She is just getting a little better padded, that’s all.

Mother: Padded? Padded? Our daughter is growing up into a sofa?

Learning: As you can see, parenthood definitely alters fathers. It turns them into mothers.


  1. Thank you for supplying the guy's view, Jandi. Yes, girls should never grow up (unless they are someone else's girl's)

  2. Great write J!!!!

  3. This one is hilarious Jane. Briefly captured account of a funny kind of truth. And as is characteristic of you - witty, succinct and pointed.

  4. thank you, sonal, seema, hathi... all replying from first-hand experience, i take it?

  5. hi jane,

    i found ur latest blog ''udderly amusing'' but am unable to post my comment :(

    has something changed? do i need to sign in? when i write my comment and hit the send button or hit preview, it disappears. this happened when i tried to post a comment for ur last blog entry too.

  6. SMS - that's because it's a booby-trap! read! ;) but actually - no idea why.

  7. Still stuck in the booby-trap? write a post Jane...its been long :)
    love the sign off line of this post...absolutely looooove it. what an amazing learning :)
    As you can see, parenthood definitely alters fathers. It turns them into mothers.

  8. This one Kich should respond to .. I would love to see what he says...

  9. 0uch!!!! you hit a nerve with that jane...

  10. @Pachydermus, I am noticing a new-found frugality with words... any particular reason?

  11. I loved the last part was hilarious. Well, have to wait and see how things turn up this side in a few years :-)

  12. yes, and as pretty as avantika is turning out - you'll have a lot to worry about!