Sunday, July 18, 2010

Need a mid-week weekend

Chix and I just exchanged hellos, how are yous this Monday morning, and realized we’re both exhausted and need a holiday. Because we’re recovering from two holidays in a row, and you know how stressful that is!

The weekend’s more packed, than the 6.02 Churchgate local is. There’s everything you couldn’t do on the weekday to do, like:

Bills to pay and queues to stand in, and bills to search for in safe places, and to find to see that they’re overdue, and therefore different queues to stand in – to be told you’re too late and it’s the weekend, so come back later, since the office is now closed.

Shopping rears its head, since the cupboard is bare. There are exactly two and a quarter geriatric drumsticks that have fossilized, that support the innards of the fridge, so the weekend is the time to stock up. S, with his caveman instincts, likes to hunt and forage, and pick up another five kilos of something that no one will ever eat, except the ants, some day. While the drumsticks live on.

There are errands to run, school things to be picked up (where does one buy bangles of different colours for a BOY’s school project, and WHY does a boy need them?), and socks that display magical holes just a day before school opens and pressure cooker gaskets that suddenly blow and people who fall sick and need visiting, and long-lost family members who appear and need to be visiting…. And the list goes on and on…

There are books to be exchanged in the library, and therefore, the night before spent in speed-reading the book to return it. There are appointments with dentists and saloons and vets, and washing machines that lie down and play dead, and parts for extinct electrical gadgets to be sourced, and – phew!

And do NOT FORGET TO HAVE FUN! Weekends are to have fun, so you must have fun, even if it kills you. So, squeeze in a pub in between standing in a BSNL queue, and repairing a shoe. Or take the kids on a play date with other parents who look as hollow-eyed as you do.

And finally, it’s Monday morning. Time for the blues. Time for a break!

Learning : Don’t you think the week should start with a weekend?


  1. HaHa. You do have a way of writing about exactly what I am thinking about. Keep on writing. Atleast it is something to look forward to on Monday Morning.

  2. Hehe Trust me the first day of the week and I seem to be crawling more to do chores than usual.(I think Aaria learnt to crawl seeing me do that).

    I truly agree for a mid week break.... and many other days too he he

  3. Same situation everywhere...the two days for a weekend are not enough...I am seriously voting for 5 days of weekend and two working days...I mean,one need superpowers to be present everywhere, from queues to market, pubs to family get-togethers..Since we are normal homo sapiens, lets have more days for a at ur wiritings as usual..but just one thing..why standing in queues? No online billing facilities?

  4. hehe, ira - and you want to reply to alka bout why i don't do anything online (except blog) ?
    alka - i am hopelessly tech-challenged. i hate bills and online stuff equally - so put them together - and its YIKES!

  5. 'Jandy' so am I...I cant do that to save my life...psssttt..I go blank(mentally) in ATMs if I am alone..but then it helps to have a knight in shining armor just means a HUBBY glorified ;-)

  6. you hit the nail on the head darling!!
    Bobby and I always feel cream-crackered on Monday mornings and our kee is not even 2 yet :) - I was just telling ira y'day that I can't believe this is me - used to be such a laid-back chilled out soul!!
    But you know what more days on the weekend means even more busy-ness and FUN!! heehaa bring it on

  7. Ever hear of a 'seven-day weekend'?

  8. Janoo! Just read some of your blogs...makes me feel so normal! Hey - will spend more time on the weekend enjoying the real life stories of superwomen like us! Keep it going!!! It's fantastic.

  9. vinoo - i have decided to be reborn as you !

  10. i have a solution for the bills online :) come over to coffee day square, i pay your bills buy me a coffee...hisab barabar. whatsay?

  11. puja - why are the chocolates out of the equation? :(

  12. :-)
    I paint a rosy picture eh?

  13. jg,
    such is life--------------------

    costa coffee and chocolates will get you back to the daily grind! ;)

  14. equations are the scariest things invented. i am having trouble counting more numbers than my fingers.
    you solve the equation...i am ready for chocolates, coffee...anything :D